Sustainability projects from Farm to Fork

At GIESA, we help agricultural and agri-food companies achieve their sustainability objectives. The company counts with experience in the design and implementation of solutions to reduce water use and consumption, to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, to improve biodiversity and to make a more efficient use of key resources for agricultural and agri-food production.

GIESA has designed, technically coordinated and managed projects funded by European industries and supermarkets, as well as large projects funded by international industries to enhance the sustainability of specific sectors (such as the FERDOÑANA and ORYZONTE) projects).


  1. Conduction of sustainability diagnostics and assessments in the agri-food supply chain.
  2. Identification and assessment of technical solutions to enhance agricultural and agri-food sustainability (water, GHG emissions, biodiversity, soil).
  3. Design and management of sustainability projects for agricultural and agri-food sectors.
  4. Training, knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange with farmers and technicians.
  5. Training and internal audits on sustainability standards (FSA, SRP, SPRING…).
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of the results and impact of sustainability projects.

Solutions for Optimised Irrigation.

Through our specialist company OPTIRIEGO, we carry out the design and installation of systems to optimise water use in agriculture. The company also provides highly specialised advisory services to farmers and technicians on the enhanced management of irrigation systems, in order to optimise the yields and the quality of agricultural production. The company, with experience in fruit, horticultural, extensive and woody crops, has long-standing relationships with farmers in Spain, in other European countries (such as France or Norway) and in the Mediterranean area (such as Morocco).


  1. Diagnostic of the irrigation and fertigation system and development of improvement recommendations.
  2. Design and installation of sensor solutions and irrigation decision support systems building on the monitoring of the soil/plant/weather systems.
  3. Assessment in the selection of irrigation technologies (hardware and software) meeting the clients’ needs.
  4. Agronomic advisory services to optimise water productivity, yields and the quality of the final production.
  5. Training of farmers and technicians in technologies and farming practices to optimise water use..