Biogas Plants and Organic Waste Valorisation

GIESA conducts the integrated management of projects aiming to manage and valorise organic waste through anaerobic digestion, comprising from the promotion and design of new projects until its start-up and management.

This way, the company is responsible for the design, development and management of the Campillos Biogas Plant. The plant, started-up in 2016, has been the first agri-industrial biogas plant in Andalusia (Southern Spain) and has positioned GIESA as a key company in the region in the management of organic waste and in its valorisation for biogas production.

GIESA, with experience in European R&D and innovation projects related to Bioeconomy, currently works in the promotion of new innovative circular economy projects that integrate waste management, the production of biofertilizers and the generation of renewable energies.


  1. Technical, administrative and economic feasibility assessments for new organic waste valorisation projects.
  2. Preparation, application and management of authorisation, permits and project legalisation proceedings.
  3. Identification of funding sources for new organic waste valorisation projects.
  4. Design and conceptual and basic engineering of biogas plants.
  5. Start-up and management of biogas plants.
  6. Environmental and technical advisory services.

Photovoltaic Projects

We promote, design, supervise the construction and legalise photovoltaic projects. The company started this business area in 2007, connecting to the grid its first plants in 2009. Since then, GIESA has worked in projects with capacity of up to 49 MW.


  1. Identification of the best locations for new projects.
  2. Identification of funding sources for new projects.
  3. Design and field supervision of photovoltaic projects.
  4. Administrative management and legalisation.