GABINETE DE INICIATIVAS EUROPEAS (GIESA) is a consultancy and engineering SME founded in Spain in 1987, after the accession of Spain to the European Communities, to support agricultural and agri-food companies in the transition towards the Common Agricultural Policy.

Nowadays, after over 30 years of experience, GIESA keeps being a key consultancy company for agricultural and agri-food sector companies, its business lines including also the promotion and management of projects in the following areas: sustainability in the agri-food supply chain, renewable energies and organic waste management and valorisation for biogas generation.

Consultancy for the Agricultural and Agri-Food Sectors

  • Management of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organisations
  • R&D, innovation and Business Cooperation
  • Services for the Investment in Agri-Food Industries

Sustainability Projects
in the Agri-Food
Supply Chain

  • Solutions for Optimised Irrigation
  • Sustainability projects from Farm to Fork

Biogas, Renewable Energies and Waste Valorisation

  • Biogas Plants and Management and Valorisation of Organic Waste
  • Photovoltaic Projects

Principles and values

Focus on Clients

We focus on Clients, not on projects


We provide our clients with tailored solutions

Juridical Emphasis

We include the juridical perspective in all our activities.


We work for the success of our clients.